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Ben's Pics
The displayed photos were picked by museum staff member Ben Turner who has spent many hours sorting
and cataloging thousands of photos  in EMMR's collection.
EMMR photos are available for
public viewing during museum hours.
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We will never forget the 3 minute clock that stood high above the main grandstand. It was used to warn the teams when the features were going to start. When the last light on the clock went out the announcer (Jack Frazier) would ask the fans “What time is it?” and they would yell “It’s feature time!”.

Other things are the drive-in movie theater out past the 4th turn, the winning driver interviews. And the great food at the concession stands.

But the last thing we will remember is Alan on the grader during intermission making sure the track was at its best for the feature.


Harrisburg Patriot News for the first
race at Silver Spring... from Steve Bubb

Here is a brief article from the Patriot News
about the first race at the Spring.
Many people are not aware the
Joie Chitwood Thrill Show was part of the
 first race at the Spring...from Steve Bbb

Guest Drivers

Carl Graves with Dale Jarrett

Jeff Hammond

Chuck Spicer, Billy Wilburn,
Jeff Hammond, Barry Dodson

Davey Allison

Geoff Bodine

Gary Wolford, Kyle Petty,
Ted Althouse

Kyle Petty in Gary Wolford's #71

Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty

Derrick Cope

Derrick Cope

Michael Waltrip

Michael Waltrip

Over the years the track hosted several events from the
 Joie Chitwood (Daredevils) Thrill Show on the first night the track
opened to the Big-Wheel, bike races for the kids.


The last racing at the track was the 2005 go-kart race
(The Big One)with well over 600 go-karts in all the different divisions.

The Last Lap
The event was held on December 24th, 2005

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Track Tour

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