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Ben's Pics
The displayed photos were picked by museum staff member Ben Turner who has spent many hours sorting
and cataloging thousands of photos  in EMMR's collection.
EMMR photos are available for
public viewing during museum hours.
  Drivers List

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~We would like to thank everyone that has sent us pictures and information~

Thank you to the following photographers for the use of your photos.
Beth Morrow    
Jr.'s Photos & Digital Imaging
    Mike Gill     Jeff Kline        
Bob Krausse-B&B Photos 
Cliff Morton  
Heberlig Photography
     Cory Shover     Garrett Shover     
Clarence Snavely Jr.
Christine Bare     Stephen Bubb     Todd Geesey     Michel Lamason     Harry Bricker Jr.     Lehman Photo Service
 Harry Bricker Jr.    Heather Jones     Gary Miller      Michael Heintzelman     Robert C. Zeiders Jr.    
Dave Suchey

If you are a photographer that was not given credit
email the webmaster and your name will be added...thank you

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We are compiling a list of the drivers that have raced at Silver Spring Speedway
on a regular basis during their career. We know this list could be in the thousands. 


We want to show how many drivers the fans came to see over the 53 years the track was open.

If you know of a driver, car number and the division that they raced at the track
send  the information to the webmaster....thank you


Please check the list. There are some names that we have and we
don’t know if the name is correct. Some of the drivers could be listed
 more than once because they used nicknames.
We make no claims that this list is completely correct.

Mike Irwin 5, 5G, 10, 12, 63, 93   Scott Karl 38
Wes Irwin 93   Jerry Katz
      John Kauffman 68
Larry Jackson 3, 6, 9, 12, 43, 46, 69, 71, 93   Paul Kauffman 81, 99
Jack Jacobs     Steve Kauffman 08
Ron Janney 55J   Wayne Kauffman 61
Danny John 3B   Zach Kauffman 08
Bob Johnson     John Kautz 42F
Gary Johnson 6X, 31   Ken Kaylor
Eric Johnston 52   Rick Kaylor 8
Gary Johnston II 4, 35   Mike Keefer 88
Ed Jones 06, 29, 43   Shawn Keen 53
George Jones     JR Keifer 111
Jake Jones 43   Tracey Keilison 28K
Jay Jones 29, 69    
Ken Jones 29J, 66   Ronnie Keister 3B, 24K
Shaun Jones 1J   Bob Keller 26, 107, 143
Mark Jordan 6   Glenn Keller 9G, 71L, 71K
Chad Jumper 28   Guy Keller 112
      Paul Keller 40, 59
      Rob Keller 8, 82
      Dan Kelley 58
      Tracy Kellison 104
      Don Kellner 65
      Pat Kelly 40
      Jeff Kendall 67
      Scott Keneary 10K
      Butch Kennedy 28
      Dennis Kennedy 48
      Gary Kennedy 21
      Laura Kennedy 12
      Robert Kennedy Jr. 340
      Ron Kennedy  
      Bob Kenney 01
      Jim Keppley 46
      Keith Kibler 51
      Steve Kiegel 2
      Bruce Killinger 50
      Ray Killinger 50
      Bob Kimmel 143
      Dave Kimmel 138
      Josh Kimmel 6
      Tom Kimmel 139
      Sterling Kinard 0, 12, X
      Jeff King 117
      Lee Kinsey Jr. 5K
      Austin Kirby 28K
      Ken Kirby  
      Jim Kirk 24, 73
      Randy Kissinger 222
      Greg Klar 18
      Gary Klawitter 76, 98
      Scott Kleinfelter 29
      Paul Kline 18, 75
      Brad Kling 17K
      Gene Klinger 33
      Harlan Klinger 01
      Brandon Klouser 32
      Gene Knaub 57
      Chris Knopp 07, 8, 48
      Keith Knopp 89K
      Mark Knopp 111
      Ernest Kocher 88B
      Don Kohler  
      Larry Kohler 61K
      Bob Kohr 14, 57
      Fred Kohr 22
      Gene Kohr 6, 17, 44
      Gordie Kohr 57
      Ken Kohr  
      David Kohuth 25
      Charlie Kope 18, 116
      Jesse Koser 82
      Steve Koup 7, 14
      Leo Kowalsky 462
      Russ Krall  
      Paul Krause 91
      Butch Kreiser 07, 7
      Darrell Kreiser 00
      Donald Kreiser 6
      Gary Kreiser 06, 17, 22,  27, 93
      Lloyd Kreiser 41
      Mel Kreiser  
      Ralph Kreiser  
      Gene Kreitz 777
      Alan Kreitzer 6
      Ron Kreitzer 2, 4, 6, 21, 51, 59
      Will Kreitzer 8
      Randy Krepps 4
      Joe Krick 1, 15
      Mark Kropp 7K, 77, NINE
      Jim Ksenichy 3K
      Dick Kuhn 46
      Joey Kuhn 2K, 8
      Tim Kuhn 2K
      George Kulp 42F
      Richard Kupp 29

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