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Ben's Pics
The displayed photos were picked by museum staff member Ben Turner who has spent many hours sorting
and cataloging thousands of photos  in EMMR's collection.
EMMR photos are available for
public viewing during museum hours.
  Drivers List

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~We would like to thank everyone that has sent us pictures and information~

Thank you to the following photographers for the use of your photos.
Beth Morrow    
Jr.'s Photos & Digital Imaging
    Mike Gill     Jeff Kline        
Bob Krausse-B&B Photos 
Cliff Morton  
Heberlig Photography
     Cory Shover     Garrett Shover     
Clarence Snavely Jr.
Christine Bare     Stephen Bubb     Todd Geesey     Michel Lamason     Harry Bricker Jr.     Lehman Photo Service
 Harry Bricker Jr.    Heather Jones     Gary Miller      Michael Heintzelman     Robert C. Zeiders Jr.    
Dave Suchey

If you are a photographer that was not given credit
email the webmaster and your name will be added...thank you

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We are compiling a list of the drivers that have raced at Silver Spring Speedway
on a regular basis during their career. We know this list could be in the thousands. 


We want to show how many drivers the fans came to see over the 53 years the track was open.

If you know of a driver, car number and the division that they raced at the track
send  the information to the webmaster....thank you


Please check the list. There are some names that we have and we
don’t know if the name is correct. Some of the drivers could be listed
 more than once because they used nicknames.
We make no claims that this list is completely correct.

Bob Early 87   Tony Faiola 30
George Eash 69   Will Fair 12W
Dick Eastman 53   Craig Fairchok 57
John Ebersole 3, 34, 44, 51, 71, 76, 78   Cliff Faircloth 95
Ken Ebersole 47, 88, 119   Jensen Faircloth 6M
Don Eckenroth 4C   ? Falk 50
Bob Eckert     Bill Fannasy  
Larry Edris 0, 14, 100   Bob Fannasy 1, 1H, 8, 93, 222
Michael Edwards 119X   Steve Fannasy 11
Justin Ehrhart 69   Terry Farner 25
Aaron Eichelberger 88   Donnie Farrling 21D
Rich Eichelberger 8, 18, 47, 93   George Farrling Jr. 21F
Ron Eichelberger     Ron Faust 77
Mark Eisenhart 19   Bob Feaser  
Dave Eitnier 71, 76   Bill Fealtman 1
Scott Eitnier 71, 76, 93   Tim Fedder 8, 34
Brad Ellenberger 44   Scott Fegter F1
George Emlet     Elvin Felty 3, 17, 33, 46
Skip Emlet 66, 71, 93   Leroy Felty 7
Jim Eppley 171   Shane Felty 32F
? Eppolite 23X   Bill Fenicle  
Steve Erb     George Feschuk 00
Dave Erney 52, 88, 130, 133   Randy Fetterolf 89
Charles Eslinger 157   Nils Ficabra 114
Jim Eslinger 47   Scott Fickes 22
Barry Esterline 007   Roger Fickett 66
Lloyd Ettinger 67, 67TT   Al Fidler 30, 31
Jerry Evens 26   David Finch 55X
Jim Evens 115   Mike Findley 19
Joe Evens 115   Skip Findley Jr. 18, 93
Wayne Evens 31   Skip Findley Sr. 19
      Mike Fink 12
      Norm Fink 98
      George Fisher 40
      Harlan Fisher 44
      Larry Fisher 35
      Lonnie Fisher 29
      Hoppy Fissel 0, 00
      Jim Fissel
      John Fitting 100
      Ron Flaharty 97
      Sam Flaharty 4, 19
      Terry Flagherty 11X
      Ted Fleegal 89
      Bobby Fletcher 30, 66
      Buck Fletcher 89
      Bob Fletcher Jr. 75
      Bob Fletcher Sr. 76, 89
      Jason Flickinger 29
      Roger Flowers 1
      Larry Flowers 150
      Harmon Foltz  
      Leon Forry  
      Ken Fortna 43
      Lynn Forks 711
      Bob Foster  
      Darryl Foster 18
      Gregg Foster 25, 29
      Lynn Foster 5
      Troy Fraker 42
      Ben Freels 7F
      Glenn French 117
      Karl French 29
      Alex Frey 97
      Warner Frey 158
      Andy Friese 151
      Jeff Friese 151
      Jack Frost  
      John Frutchey 11F
      Bob Fry 000
      J. R. Fry 42
      Jason Fry 24
      Ken Fry  
      Coleby Frye F1
      Doug Frye 6, 15
      Smokey Frye 1, 1W, 40, 91, 112, F1
      Earman Fulk 1, 22, 46
      Bud Fulkenroth  
      Bruce Fulmer 55
      Troy Funk Sr. 68

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