Here are results from 1954 along with copies of
the N.S.S.N. (National Speed Sport News)


Listed are the race number and the date of the race and finishing order.


Penn-Mar Racing Club

Race #1
June 23, 1954
 Bobby Abel, Junie Gough, Hilly Rife


Penn Eastern

Race #2
June 26, 1954
Lawson Mitchell, Ed Leiss, Chip Chapin

Article has wrong winner

~corrected in the July 10 article~


Race #3
July 3, 1954
Johnny Crawford, Chip Chapin, Hal Reifinger



Race #4

 July 10, 1954

  Johnny Crawford, Al Campbell, Wilbur Reese

Note in this race report there is a correction about the first race




Race #5

July 17, 1954

 Hal Reifinger, Ned Markley, Al Campbell



Lebanon Valley

Race #6

No Date

 Troy Funk, Paul Weidman, Irwin Hurley

Race #7

No Date

Ralph Wilson, Hal Reifinger, Larry Valerano

Race #8

No Date

 Troy Funk, Larry Valerano, Milford Hauer

Race #9

August 14, 1954

 no results

Race #10

 August 21, 1954


Race #11

 August 28, 1954

no results


Race #12

 September 5, 1954

no results

Race #13

No Date

 Earman Fulk, Milford Hauer, Dave Conrad

Race #14

 September 18, 1954

 no results

Race #15

No Date

 Lynn Weibley, Ed Leiss, Milford Hauer


Copies of the NSSN were supplied to us from Larry Jendras Jr.

Results supplied by Steve Bubb