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Updated on  July 26, 2015 @ 12:10 PM EST

2015 Tentative Schedule
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2015 Super Sportsman Tire Rule Missing Rulebook Information. Effective Immediately


--Two types of right rear tires may be used. One, an American Racer 34.0/17.0-15GT track tire with the distinguishing MC on the sidewall. The MC being the prefix to the compound. The MC-2 or MC-3 compound permitted. The second option is a Hoosier 104/16-15 plated (HTMA) spec tire. The HTMA 2 or 3 compounds are permitted.


--All sidewall markings must remain at all times. No grinding, buffing or removing of the compound designations. Tape may be used to cover compound designation if desired, but can be removed to view compound by Technical Director at any time.


--No tire softeners, no conditioners, no altering of tires with any natural or unnatural, hazardous or un-hazardous components or chemicals which alter the factory set baseline-settings of a given tire.


--Person(s) caught with tires that are not compliant to above rules are subject to immediate penalties.



2015 Saturday Night Series Protests Update

Speedway Management may penalize the author of a protest deemed to be malicious, spiteful or who otherwise acts in bad faith. No driver may protest any other driver’s components more than two times during the calendar year. Any team that protests will be subjected to that same protest.



Super Sportsman: Effective in 2016

2016 Super Sportsman Wing here for pdf

Blazer's Body Shop Super Sportsman 7/25/15 Susquehanna Speedway ( 23 Cars ):


1) 55c Chad Criswell 2) 8 Rich Eichelberger 3) 3B Mike Enders 4) 99 Frankie Herr 5) 30 Scott Dellinger 6) 75 Kenny Edkin 7) 7B Timmie Barrick 8) 19 Devin Beidel 9) 32 Gregg Foster 10) 25 Bobby Hockenberry 11) 91 Lanny Hake 12) 77 Russ Mitten 13) 14 Nate Young 14) 7 Teen Joe Bryson 15) 20w Davey Walsh 16) 11 Steve Fannasy 17) 318 Teddy Thomas 18) 222 Jay Fannasy 19) 7c Chad Trout 20) 5G Adam Gutshall 21) 7 Todd Leonard 22) 73 Kevin Gutshall 23) 99c Chad Smith


Lap Leaders: Devin Beidel ( 1 - 6 ), Rich Eichelberger ( 7 - 23 ) Chad Criswell ( 24 - 25 )



Lincoln Speedway  3/29/15

Race Day

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as of July 25, 2015

1.  99 Frankie Herr
2.  30 Scott Dellinger
3.  222 Jay Fannasy
4.  41 Scott Geesey
5.  55C Chad Criswell

as of June 11, 2015

1.  1W Billy Wampler
2.  112 Alan Sagi
3.  NINE Ron Kline
4.  21Z Cam Zeigler
5.  80 Wes Alleman
as of July 11, 2015

1.  11 Craig Morgan
2.  81 Jasen Geesaman
3.  29 Jeff Haag
4.  7S Kevin Sigler
5. 22 Steve Dove
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