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Updated on  Nov. 5, 2015 @ 3:40 PM EST

Annual Race Car Flea Market
Saturday, November 7, 2015
Located at the Elmerton Avenue Lot of the Pa Farm Show Complex
$20 per space for vendors. No charge for buyers
Vendor rigs will be permitted on lot approximately 4 PM Friday

Directions - Located off of Route 81 at Exit 67B/67A toward Harrisburg/Cameron Street route 22 East. At first traffic signal, turn left onto Elmerton Ave proceed for approx 1 mile. Flea Market located on right.

Lincoln Speedway 9/19/15

Blazer's Body Shop / Lawrence Chevrolet Super Sportsman 100 ( 33 Cars ):
1) 55c Chad Criswell ( $ 5,730.11 ) 2) 54 Doug Dodson 3) 222 Steve Fannasy 4) 45 Dave Socks 5) 2 Kenny Edkin 6) 17J Tony Jackson 7) 93 Carmen Perigo Jr. 8) 25 Bobby Hockenberry 9) 17G Steve Wilbur 10) 11 Jay Fannasy 11) 7 Todd Leonard 12) 7B Timmie Barrick 13) 19 Devin Beidel 14) 77w Tom Wyckoff 15) 7c Chad Trout 16) 85 Jared Miller 17) 3B Mike Enders 18) 1J Kevin Nouse 19) 70D Frankie Herr 20) 318 Teddy Thomas 21) 8 Rich Eichelberger 22) 5 Dave Berkheimer 23) 30 Scott Dellinger 24) 77 Russ Mitten

64 Stan Wanner, 14 Nate Young, 29 Duaine Smith, 32J Justin Foster, 4 Joe Bryson, 3J Russ Lebo, 91 Lanny Hake, 11s John Stoll Jr., 99c Chad Smith

* 55c Chad Criswell took home $4000 for the win. He set quick time ( New Track Record ) and between 3 sponsors ( Joe Piper of Piper Advertising, Jim Shuster of Newville Electrical Service, and the Can Man ) Chad received another $500. He lead laps 20 thru 80 picking up an additional $1130.11 in lap money and for leading the most laps ( 80 ) took home an addition $100 from Thompson's Lawn Care for a total of
( $5730.11 ).

B.C. Gontz Trucking Hard Luck award of $200 was awarded to #14 Nate Young. Nate was the fastest from time trials that failed to qualify for feature race.

#45 Dave Socks started 22nd and finished 4th taking home an addition $160 Hard Charger Award from Scott Geesey of Sprint Aces, Joey Gravino of Gravino Body & Paint, and Jake Jones of Miller's Racing Parts.

The Lap 32 award in Memory of John Surma paid a total of $140 from Team 32 J & J Motorsports. $20 was paid to the drivers running in positions 1, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 & 24 on lap 32. Drivers receiving $20 each are 55c Chad Criswell ( 1 ), 11 Jay Fannasy ( 5 ), 8 Rich Eichelberger ( 10 ), 1J Kevin Nouse ( 12 ), 19 Devin Beidel ( 15 ), 5 Dave Berkheimer ( 20 ) and 77 Russ Mitten ( 24 ).

Need to thank all of this years race sponsors:
Blazer's Body Shop, Lawrence Chevrolet, Piper Advertising, Newville Electrical Services, The Can Man, B.C. Gontz Trucking, Thompson's Lawn Service, Sprint Aces, Joe Gravino Body & Paint, Miller's Racing Parts, The Kimmel Family, Shawn Wood, Tom Bowers, Brad Jumper, Chad Trout Racing, Eric Tripp, Fred Putney, The Fannasy Family, Hal Bitner, Miller Racing 58 & 85, Wayne Trump Jr., J.E.T. Medical Transport, Smoke Hound Racing, Bobby Waters, Kenny Keyton, Valk Snowplows, Kory & Lisa Sites, The Barrick Family, Marchelle & Dan, YCRC, Julianne Keefer - Starner & Family, Amanda @ Manavilla Salon & Spa, Glenna Straley Hair Designs, Steve Bubb, Orsulak Racing, Sherry Shulkins, Shelbie @ Mandavilla Salon & Spa, Dodson Racing, Wanda Spangler, Rhome, High Groove Photos, Barry & Brian, Wyckoff Racing, Rhome & Sandy, Levi Miller, Paige Miller, Justin Loh, and TJ Leiby

Also thank you to Lincoln Speedway, Alan Kreitzer, officials, scorers, Fire Crew, EMS Crews, and to all the tow trucks and push truck operators along with Wayne Harper and Dave Hare.

Last but not least - thank you to all the fans that came out and supported this historic race!

Saturday Night Series at Williams Grove Speedway Comes to an End

Bright Future for Super Sportsman Ahead with New Series in 2016 

Mechanicsburg, PA (September 15, 2015) – After a 10-year run at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, the Saturday Night Series featuring the Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models and Street Stocks will come to an end.  In an effort to concentrate more on its core racing on Friday nights, Williams Grove Speedway management made the difficult decision to discontinue the series on Saturday Nights. 

The Super Sportsman Series will continue to be scheduled on select Friday nights in 2016 along with dates for the 358 Late Models and Street Stocks.  The majority of the Super Sportsman Series races will be held at Susquehanna Speedway Park with the remaining balance of 2016 shows at Lincoln Speedway, Port Royal Speedway and other local venues.   


Williams Grove Speedway would like to thank Blazer’s Body Shop, Credit Connection Auto Sales and AquaFun Pools and all the teams, fans and vendors involved in the Saturday Night Series. 

More announcements and details concerning the Super Sportsman Series will be forthcoming.

2015 Super Sportsman Tire Rule Missing Rulebook Information. Effective Immediately


--Two types of right rear tires may be used. One, an American Racer 34.0/17.0-15GT track tire with the distinguishing MC on the sidewall. The MC being the prefix to the compound. The MC-2 or MC-3 compound permitted. The second option is a Hoosier 104/16-15 plated (HTMA) spec tire. The HTMA 2 or 3 compounds are permitted.


--All sidewall markings must remain at all times. No grinding, buffing or removing of the compound designations. Tape may be used to cover compound designation if desired, but can be removed to view compound by Technical Director at any time.


--No tire softeners, no conditioners, no altering of tires with any natural or unnatural, hazardous or un-hazardous components or chemicals which alter the factory set baseline-settings of a given tire.


--Person(s) caught with tires that are not compliant to above rules are subject to immediate penalties.



2015 Saturday Night Series Protests Update

Speedway Management may penalize the author of a protest deemed to be malicious, spiteful or who otherwise acts in bad faith. No driver may protest any other driver’s components more than two times during the calendar year. Any team that protests will be subjected to that same protest.



Super Sportsman: Effective in 2016

2016 Super Sportsman Wing here for pdf


1.  99 Frankie Herr
2.  30 Scott Dellinger
3.  222 Jay Fannasy
4.  55C Chad Criswell
5.  3B Mike Enders


1.  1W Billy Wampler
2.  21Z Cam Zeigler
3.  NINE Ron Kline
4.  2M Shaun Jones
5.  80 Wes Alleman

1.  11 Craig Morgan
2.  29 Jeff Haag
3.  22 Steve Dove
4.  27 Doug Hoffman
4. 81 Jasen Geesaman
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