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Updated on  Aug. 17, 2014 @ 12:25 PM EST

2014 Schedule




Bobby Hockenberry, Randy Croop and Dustin Hollinger Victorious Saturday Night At Williams Grove Speedway. 

Bobby Hockenberry was going to retire from racing following the 2013 season.  The veteran driver, after encouragement from his two daughters, returned for the 2014 campaign.  Saturday night the Shermansdale driver won his second Williams Grove Speedway Blazer’s Body Shop 20-lap feature.

Tony Jackson led at the start with Lanny Hake in second.  Bobby Hockenberry, the third-place starter, held third followed by Kenny Edkins and Rich Eichelberger.  Hockenberry advanced to the runner-up position during the second lap.

The race came to a halt in the fourth lap due to a three-car crash in the first turn.  Bobby Hockenberry used the restart to become the new leader.  He had a 1.8 second lead when the caution came out at the midway point of the event.

Bobby Hockenberry and the rookie Tony Jackson gained an advantage over the field.  The battle was for third between Kenny Edkins, Rich Eichelberger and Russ Mitten.  Mike Enders and 19th-place starter Frankie Herr joined the scrap for third.

Bobby Hockenberry never faltered allowing him to stretch out his lead over Tony Jackson.  Hockenberry was the winner by 12 lengths.  Rookie Tony Jackson recorded his third straight top five finish crossing the finish line in second.  Russ Mitten made a late charge to finish in third with Rich Eichelberger in fourth and Mike Enders was fifth.  Kenny Edkins, Frankie Herr, Jay Fannasy, Chad Trout, and Greg Foster completed the top ten.

Steve Wilbur, Jay Fannasy and Foster won the heats for the 28 entries. Herr was the consolation winner and received the Sprint Aces Hard Charger award.

Randy Croop started second in the Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Models.  Croop was in front by the end of lap one with Sam Rial, Al Cheney, Travis Mease, and Cam Zeigler giving chase.  By the fifth lap Croop had a straightaway lead over Rial while Zeigler advanced to third. When Zeigler wrestled second from Rial, Croop had a 3.1 second lead.

Charlie Schaffer, the 12th-place starter, challenged Cam Zeigler for second.  The duo of Zeigler and Schaffer narrowed Randy Croop’s lead.  Despite their hard-fought fight for second, the lead duo continued to shrink Croop’s advantage.

Charlie Schaffer captured second place as leader Randy Croop received the white flag.  Croop maintained his lead and the Berwick driver won his second of the year eight lengths ahead of Charlie Schaffer.  Cam Zeigler was third, Jake Jones finished in fourth and Sam Rial was fifth.

Heats for the 17-car field went to Dan Zechman and Rial. Schaffer received the Artwerks Hard Charger award.

The front row of the 15 lap Aquafun Pools Street Stock main featured Dustin Hollinger and Doug Hoffman.  Hoffman and Hollinger were side-by-side through the first lap.  One lap later Hoffman, Hollinger and Greg Diehl were three-wide in the fight for the lead.  Doug Hoffman held the lead with Dustin Hollinger, Greg Diehl, Steven Dove, and Eric Tripp in close pursuit.

The first of two cautions came on lap six.  Doug Hoffman continued to set the pace with Dustin Hollinger making frequent challenges. 

A lap nine caution slowed the race.  Dustin Hollinger used the restart to take over the lead.  The top five of Hollinger, Hoffman, Greg Diehl, Jeff Haag, and Mike Buckley were in a tight pack. Hollinger, from Palmyra, could not shake Hoffman; Hoffman remaining a length behind.

Dustin Hollinger turned back the challenges of Doug Hoffman.  Hollinger won his second of 2014 by two lengths over Doug Hoffman.  Greg Diehl was third with Jeff Haag in fourth and Mike Buckley finished fifth.

Hollinger and Buckley won the preliminaries for the 20 entries. Jeff Haag was named the Artwerks Hard Charger winner.

The Williams Grove Speedway 2014 Saturday Night Series ends this coming weekend.  The final event will be Stock Car Saturday with awards going out to the 358 Late Model and Street Stock classes.  Alan Sagi, in his first year of racing with the Saturday Night Series, is the 2014 Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Model point champion.  The title in the Aquafun Pools Street Stocks is close with Jeff Haag taking a 55-point lead over Kevin Sigler into the final race.

Saturday night the season ends with the Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models and Street Stocks in action.  Racing begins at 6:30.  Adult admission is five dollars and children 12 and under free.


Williams Grove Speedway 8/16/14

Blazer's Body Shop Super Sportsman ( 28 Cars ):

1) 25 Bobby Hockenberry 2) 17J Tony Jackson 3) 77 Russ Mitten 4) 8 Rich Eichelberger 5) 3B Mike Enders 6) 75 Kenny Edkin 7) 99 Frankie Herr ( Sprint Aces Hard Charger ) 8) 222 Jay Fannasy 9) 7c Chad Trout 10) 32 Gregg Foster 11) 33 Scott Geesey 12) 11 Steve Fannasy 13) 55c Chad Criswell 14) 17G Steve Wilbur 15) 30 Scott Dellinger 16) 58 Paul Miller 17) 20w Davey Walsh 18) 99c Chad Smith 19) 5 Dave Berkheimer 20) 70D Bill Devine 21) 91 Lanny Hake 22) 29 Duaine Smith 23) 7 Todd Leonard 24) 19 Devin Beidel

DNQ: 77w Tom Wyckoff, 39 Joe Orsulak, 3J Russ Lebo, 20y Vance Yinger

Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Models ( 17 Cars ):

1) 88 Randy Croop 2) 12 Charlie Schaffer ( ArtWerks Hard Charger ) 3) 21z Cam Zeigler 4) 43 Jake Jones 5) 11 Sam Rial 6) NINE Ron Kline 7) 112 Alan Sagi 8) 116 Travis Mease 9) 7 Pat Beard 10) 25 Sam Gallagher 11) 2z Dan Zechman 12) 08 Zach Kauffman 13) 000 Pat McNeal 14) 73 Al Cheney 15) 80 Wes Alleman

DNS: M1 Roy Miller, 01 Les Hare

Aqua Fun Pools Street Stocks ( 20 Cars ):

1) 5 Dustin Hollinger 2) 27 Doug Hoffman 3) 80D Greg Diehl 4) 29 Jeff Haag ( ArtWerks Hard Charger ) 5) 94 Mike Buckley 6) 7s Kevin Sigler 7) 11 Craig Morgan 8) 16 Walt Lemmon 9) Super 7 Tim Drawbaugh 10) 14 Ed Halter 11) 20 Jesse Hitz 12) 57 Bob Scott Jr. 13) 21z Jaynee Zeigler 14) 8 Eric Tripp 15) 31 Charlie Pensinger 16) 2 Randy Zechman 17) 21a Mike Zeigler Jr. 18) 22 Steve Dove

DNS: 0 Todd Bowersox, x99 Chris Heller

Williams Grove Speedway Adds New Sponsor To Saturday Night Series


March 15, 2014


Williams Grove Speedway management announces a new sponsor for their popular Saturday Night Series.  Credit Connection Auto Sales will sponsor the 2014 358 Late Model point fund.


Credit Connection Auto Sales is a family-owned business, making them the perfect supporter for the family-oriented Saturday Night Series.  They have three dealerships located in Harrisburg, Carlisle, and in York.


Credit Connection Auto Sales joins Blazer's Body Shop and Aquafun Pools as the 2014 sponsors of Williams Grove Speedway's Saturday night racing.  Blazer's Body Shop is a longtime backer of the Super Sportsman division.  Aquafun Pools is the new supporter of the Street Stock class.


The Saturday Night Series returns for its ninth year of racing at the historic Williams Grove Speedway.  The series is proud to be a part of the speedway’s 75th anniversary. The three-division show remains the least expensive night of racing in the Susquehanna region. Speedway owner Kathy Hughes maintains a low five-dollar ticket price, marketing the racing to young families.


The Saturday Night Series begins the 2014 campaign on April 26.  All racing events will begin at 6:30. 


Williams Grove Speedway continues to be the Susquehanna Valley's Saturday night home for Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models, and Street Stocks.  The series continues to grow and speedway officials are working on more family-oriented projects.

as of Aug 16th

1. 99 Frankie Herr
2. 3B Mike Enders
3. 7C Chad Trout
4. 30 Scott Dellinger
5. 11 Steve Fannasy

as of Aug 16th

1. 112 Alan Sagi
2. 43 Jake Jones
3. NINE/21Z Cam Zeigler
4. 2Z Dan Zechman
5. 80 Wes Alleman
as of Aug 16th

1. 29 Jeff Haag
2. 7S Kevin Sigler
3. 94 Mike Buckley
4. 16 Walt Lemmon
5. 27 Doug Hoffman
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